Brewing Process

The brewing processHere is a brief description of our brewing process.

The Malted Barley (We use Maris Otter) is mixed with water (now called “liquor”) which has been treated and heated to create a “Mash”.

After 75 minutes standing in our “Mash Tun”, the resultant sugary liquid (“Wort”) is run off and pumped into the “Copper”. At the same time, the mash is rinsed (“Sparged”) with more Hot Liquor and when the Copper is full it is brought to boiling point.

The Wort is now boiled for 60 minutes during which time Hops are added at various times. The Hops will give the beer bitterness, flavour and aroma. We use a variety of hops such as Fuggle, Golding, and Bramling Cross.

The Wort is then rested before being pumped through a plate heat exchanger where it is cooled with incoming mains water. The Wort is then pumped into a Fermenting vessel (FV). The “Waste” water from the cooling process is recovered and used for the next brew.

When all the Wort has been pumped into the FV we add some yeast. Over the next few days this will convert the sugars in the Wort into alcohol. Once the desired specific gravity has been reached, the brew is chilled down to halt the fermentation process.

After a few days the beer is then racked into casks. We finally have beer!