What size containers does your beer come in?

There are 6 different types of containers our beer can come in:

Firkin – 9-gallon sized barrel with approx 70 pints of beer – A good size for any large party – provide barrel stand and tap to go with it – we educate the consumer on how to best serve/look after the beer – TRAD or BRIGHT – The firkin must be returned to the brewery after use.

Pin – 4.5-gallon flat bottom barrel with approximately 35 pints of beer – provide the tap as well as the information you need to look after the beer – TRAD OR BRIGHT – the Pin must be returned to the brewery after use.

20-litre bag in box – 35 pints of beer inside – 20-litre bladder full of bright beer, direct from the cask, inside a cardboard box – A two fingers and a thumb style push tap – easy pour – The container does not need to be returned and is completely recyclable.

10-litre bag in box – 17.5 pints of beer inside – Same design as 20 litre bag in box – BRIGHT beer only.

5 Litre mini kegs – Approx 8.5 pints. Lasts 5-6 days once opened – Tap included within the keg – Inclined Plane only flavour available.

Bottles – ‘Core’ range and ‘Innovation Series’ available in 500ml bottles & in cases of 12 – We also have our fox lager in 330ml bottles.

What is the difference between Trad and Bright Beer?

Trad – Traditional beer – firkin or pin still has Yeast sediment inside – container needs to be put into place and vented for 12 hours – once vented it cannot be moved – Lasts a week or more.
Bright – Ready to drink – container can be moved once set up – lasts 5 to 6 days – without yeast sediment it loses its life quicker.

Do we deliver?

Yes – upon request Monday to Friday- only in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.

What is your most popular beer?

Inclined Plane 4.2% ABV. A Refreshing golden-amber coloured bitter with a light floral finish. A late addition of the Amarillo hop instils a distinct citrus flavour. First Brewed in 2004, this multi award winning beer is named after the canal boat lift built in 1900 at Foxton, Leicestershire.

When are you open?

Monday to Friday 8AM – 4PM.

Can I buy bottles direct from the Brewery?

Yes! Please come in and say hello.
We also offer a loyalty card system so it’s even more worth your while.

Do you supply Cider?

We supply our own Hardcore cider 4.5% in a 20 litre bag in box. We can also provide 500ml bottles of the locally made Saxby’s cider.



If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our number is 01858 540 116.


We are pleased to share that the Brewery was successful in receiving financial support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The project has enabled us to replace our Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Copper and invest in another 2000 litre fermenting vessel. All of the new vessels are now up and running, allowing us to increase our brew capacity by quite some distance. If you think this sort of support would be applicable to your business, you can find all of the information to proceed with the application on their website: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/rural-development-programme-for-england-leader-funding